Competition is the Best Way to Get Fit

Exercise, solo or in a group, is a means to attain an ever expanding goal and maintaining that goal through a variety of movements. Whether the goal is to lose weight, become faster, lift more weight or to look better for you; exercise allows you to do that. But, how do you get motivated? Look no further than your friends or family.

Why is competition the best way to get fit?

Growing up with a brother only one year younger than me, I know how beneficial competition is all too well. We were always attempting to one up each other. Five more push ups, two more pull ups, beating him in a foot race or seeing who can swim across the river faster, it was constant competition. This competition extended beyond exercise and everything became like a game to us.

It is because, comparing results with others and with a group of like minded people are motivating. Think about it, when we are with friends we tend to push a little more than we do alone. It is one of the great things about friends, they push us to the limits of our comfort zone and outside of it; that is where growth happens.Read More…..


Original Article : Competition is the Best Way to Get Fit
By: Angelo
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