Confessions of a Fad-Diet Addict

Original Article : Confessions of a Fad-Diet Addict
By : Jordan Arrington
From : earnspendlive.com

When most people get bored, they binge on Netflix, try a new hobby, or go out with friends. When I get bored, I diet. I’m talking about those diets that promise to clean you out, kick-start weight loss, and have you feeling brand new in a matter of days.

Instagram celebrities spin these webs of lies preaching about detoxes and diets that don’t work, but what about the ones that do?

Important Disclaimer: I’m well aware that most detoxes and diets aren’t going to turn me into Kim Kardashian overnight. We all know it takes a true lifestyle change, serious time in the gym, and a little bit of surgery to do that. I don’t go in with ridiculously high expectations to lose weight or change my body.

Weight loss is rarely ever the goal — feeling healthier is. More importantly, I do it because I like a challenge. Plain and simple….Read More…

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