Demystifying The Detox Trend

Original Article : Demystifying The Detox Trend
by : Audrey
From : lotuspowerhealth.com

Why Do We Need To Detox?

You might not realise it, but your body is subjected to toxins every day. These toxins may exist in the air you breathe or the foods you eat. Unless you’re living a wholly natural life, your body is contaminated. This isn’t something cooked up by paranoia, either. Chronic and degenerative diseases are on the rise. We live in a society consumed by fast food and preservatives, and the rate of pollution increases every year.

Detoxing is how you help relieve your body of the modern world that it wasn’t biologically made to handle. The toxins you intake every day can be the reasons for a lot of your everyday health problems – and you don’t even know it.

Why Detoxing is a Necessity, not an Option

Detoxing helps you to strengthen your detoxification organs and flushes the preexisting toxins out from your body. As it stands, your body does do its job to help cleanse your body of impurities, as seen in how your lungs, liver and overall organ systems operate. Your body has multiple built in filtration systems, but overworking these systems can lead to rapid health decline. Read Full Article…

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