The Easy Way to Start Getting Fit for Summer

The phrase “springtime bodies make summer hotties” is a little cheesy, but I really think it’s true. “Summer bodies” are actually made in the spring. The sooner you start thinking about getting yourself to the fitness level that makes you feel your best in the summer, the easier it is to get there — without the temptation of trying out a crash diet or juice cleanse.

Part of getting ready for summer is being in the mental space for it. The days are longer, the pressure to be active becomes more intense (Bike rides! Golf! Tennis!) and that self-consciousness some of us feel when wearing warm-weather clothes starts to kick in. All of this can be stressful, and can take away from all the fun that summer promises to bring. So here’s my advice:

Let’s start with being mentally ready. What are you up to this summer? Travel? Family events? An internship? I always find it’s easier to enjoy all of my fun plans when I feel in control of my schedule. Make sure you know how you’re going to balance it all…Read Full Article…

Original Article: The Easy Way to Start Getting Fit for Summer
By: Stacey Griffith
From: motto.time.com

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