Easy Ways to Ease into Your Fitness Resolutions

For many, a new year means a new resolution to get fit and healthy. While it may seem that the best way to get going is by hitting the ground running, actually our bodies require time to adjust to prevent burn out and fatigue early on.

Here are a few tips to prevent fitness burn out, and to keep your resolution going all year long:

As kids we didn’t start running before we learned how to walk. Starting out by jogging three miles right out of the gate may not work for some people, and can cause injuries if you’re not careful. However, gradually increasing exercise throughout the year can help you build the stamina you need to eventually run three miles without stopping – and without injury!

A simple way to gradually increase your running stamina is interval training. Start off by walking for five minutes and jogging for one minute. Every week, transfer a minute over to the jogging side (four minutes walking and two minutes jogging). This allows your body to take breaks in between periods of increased activity, and helps gradually stretch out your muscles instead of shocking them all at once….Read Full Article…

Original Article : Easy Ways to Ease into Your Fitness Resolutions
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