What to Eat and Drink for Hot Weather Exercise

You don’t need special sports drinks or power bars. Even the most elite athletes can get the nutrients they need from ordinary foods, water and salt. Healthy and fit people usually don’t need to drink or eat when they exercise at a casual pace for less than two hours. However, they can prolong their endurance by taking:
• a source of sugar when they race or exercise very intensely for more than an hour
• a source of water when they exercise intensely for more than a half hour in very hot weather or several hours in cooler weather
• a source of salt when they exercise for more than three hours

Mild Dehydration Does Not Impair Exercise Performance
Most competitive athletes can maintain their speed and efficiency by drinking when they feel thirsty (Ann Nutr Metab, Feb 22, 2011). Racers do not slow down until they have lost enough fluid to lose at least two percent of their body weight. For a 150-pound person, that’s at least three pints or three pounds of water. Losses greater than five percent of body weight can decrease work capacity by about 30 percent (Am J Clin Nutr, August 2000;72(2):564s-572s).

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Original Article : What to Eat and Drink for Hot Weather Exercise
By: Dr. Mirkin
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