Exercise Makes You Smarter, And We Have Proof!

We all know that working out is crucial to growing your muscle mass, but did you know that exercise is also key to growing your brain? We’ve done the research (quite a bit, actually) and can confirm that working out yields benefits beyond a hot body. Here are five ways that sweating actually makes you stronger AND smarter.

1. NEUROGENESIS (aka You’re Growing New Brain Cells)

If you’ve ever felt like a lab rat running on an exercise wheel while on the treadmill, it might surprise you that you’re not only growing greater aerobic endurance and muscles, you’re also growing brain cells. The growth of brain cells is a process known as neurogenesis and exercise has been proven to stimulate the adult stem cells to divide and reproduce in our brains.


Wisdom may accompany age, but unfortunately, so do memory lapses. Many of us have started to experience that common, yet slightly scary memory lapse, where we can easily recall the lyrics to Haircut 100’s hit songs (both of them), but can’t remember why we walked into a room. The bad news is that the memory decline associated with aging comes from the natural shrinking of the hippocampus (the area of the brain that’s responsible for learning and memory). The good news is that this region of the brain is highly active when we exercise and that aerobic activity can reverse the shrinking process.

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Original Article : Exercise Makes You Smarter, And We Have Proof!
By: Ashley Vance
From: slimclipcase.com

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