What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class

We’ve all been there, our first yoga class.

Are you nervous? Don’t be. Even the most confident of us were.

First things first though – congratulations on making it this far! It takes courage to try something new, and you should be proud of yourself for stepping outside of your comfort zone.

So what should you expect in your first class, and what do you need to know before stepping into a yoga studio?

This list should help you out.

What to Wear

You don’t need to be outfitted in the latest, high-end yoga brands to fit in. When it comes to your threads, just make sure they’re comfortable, light, and breathable. This is especially important if your class is in a heated studio. Also remember, yoga is practiced in bare feet – make sure you take your shoes off in the lobby!

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Original Article : What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class
By: Tieja MacLaughlin
From: dailycupofyoga.com

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