How to Find Your Ideal Running Group

Nicole asks: I am thinking about joining a running group, but I am very new to running. What do I need to know? What kinds of questions should I ask? Most importantly, how do I find the right group for me?

As a program director for a large running club, I am always trying to find a good balance between keeping regular group runners challenged and engaged, as well as being open and welcoming to new runners.

Running with a group can be a very effective training tool and works well for many runners. Groups help maintain interest by making running a social experience. That can be the difference that keeps someone running. You are much more likely to get out and do your run, regardless of the weather, time of day, or when you are meeting others. Finding a group that fits your needs will be the challenge.

First, search for what options you have available in your area. Some cities may have several running clubs or groups to choose from, while others might have just one. (A good place to start is the Road Runners Club of America.) In addition, check with your local running store about running clubs or groups in your area. They usually know what’s going on and may even sponsor a club or offer their own group….Read Full Article……

Original Article : How to Find Your Ideal Running Group
by : Susan Paul
From : runnersworld.com

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