Five Essential Workouts for the Modern Athlete

Original Article : Five Essential Workouts for the Modern Athlete
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When you conjure up an image of the modern athlete, what does that image look like? Is it a runner who’s long, lean and powerful? Is it a crossfitter, built for strength and speed? Or is it a body builder, a triathlete or someone who dabbles in a little bit of everything? The modern athlete doesn’t fit into a specific mold and isn’t tied to a certain sport. Instead, we’ve reached a day and age where fitness spans a wide spectrum of sports and takes on many different appearances.

However, no matter what sport you pursue, there are a few things that every athlete can benefit from doing. So let’s break down five exercises that are essential for each and every athlete out there.


Squats are a powerhouse lower body move that primarily target the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus, as well as the core/trunk. Having a strong lower body and a strong core is essential for any athlete who wants to improve at their respective sport.

So how do you squat properly? 

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