Fix your winter allergies and feel better today!

A choose your own adventure approach to winter allergies

Do You Have Winter Allergies?

If so, you probably find it UNFAIR that your friends with seasonal allergies feel better in the winter while you continue to suffer. What’s worse, the treatments that help your friend’s allergy symptoms don’t seem to help your winter allergies!
It’s not that you want your friends to suffer with you… you’re not a monster… but YOU are the hero of this story and you deserve to feel better too!

First, let me tell you: you’re right, it IS unfair.

And today’s journey will get you feeling better and FIX your winter allergies!

What Causes Your Winter Allergy Symptoms?

The biggest problem with winter allergies is that there are many different causes. And each cause has a different treatment.

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Original Article : Fix your winter allergies and feel better today!
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