From zero to walking hero in 12 weeks. A Case Study.

Original Article : From zero to walking hero in 12 weeks. A Case Study.
by : smartfitnessmakeover
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It’s difficult for me to talk about real life clients because the nature of the work I do with them is very personal. As an Exercise Referral Specialist I often work with people who have health issues varying from mild to serious to life changing and one of the reasons they choose to work with me is that I assure them of the utmost discretion. After all, who would want their personal and intimate issues being exposed to the whole of the internet?

Nevertheless I would like to tell you a success story but in the spirit of keeping my promise of confidentiality, much like in a Hollywood movie, the name of the client and some of the details about her circumstances when we met have been changed. As I miss watching the Walking Dead I shall call her “Lucille” so I don’t forget the cliffhanger and don’t stop trying to guess who got whacked in that episode… Read Full Article….

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