Get Fit and Healthy with Kayaking

Usually, when people think about kayaking they think of extreme sports, adrenaline junkies and almost unearthly rapids that seem to swallow people whole.

What people don’t realize are the added health benefits of kayaking. Kayaking doesn’t have a high learning curve as most people think. It is easy to get into, and you can take your time perfecting your basic skills while learning new ones for years to come.

You can’t get bored from kayaking, as it has so many different types and uses that almost everyone will find something that fits them.

It can be done with friends and is a very fun social activity; you can make a whole day out of it, or, just go at it alone. Either way, it is enjoyable.

Weight loss:

If you are rowing at about 5mph then you are exerting about .1 hp of effort, which comes around to about 400 calories per hour, the more you row, the more calories you burn, which is a dream come true for any weight watcher.

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Original Article : Get Fit and Healthy with Kayaking
By: Chris
From: naturesportcentral.com

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