Get Strong First

[dropcap style=”default”]Whether[/dropcap] you’re male or female, if your goal is to put on muscle for Fitnessaesthetics or athletic performance it all needs to start with strength. Muscle growth requires the right stimulus and the right biochemical environment. When both factors are met you are creating an adaptive environment where you can reap the benefits of improved muscle mass. The bottom line is without strength you cannot provide the ideal stimulus your muscles need to trigger the growth cascade. It all starts with strength!

[dropcap style=”default”]What[/dropcap] makes a muscle strong? There are 2 major components of muscle strength: 1. Muscle cross sectional area (muscle size) and 2. Neuromuscular efficiency (ability to activate a muscle). When you first learn a new exercise the initial strength gains are not from muscle growth but instead from improved neuromuscular recruitment of the muscle cells you already have. With practice our brain quickly learns (in the first couple of weeks) how to efficiently activate the muscles required to perform an activity.  After this neural adaptation has occurred, now, we can provide the optimal stimulus muscles require to achieve true muscle growth.

[dropcap style=”default”]How[/dropcap] do you implement this? Start by not over thinking the exercise program. The most effective strength building programs are simplified to heavy loads with an emphasis on whole-body movements. Squat, dead lift, push, pull… and do some HEAVY.



Disclaimer: Consult your physician before you start this or any exercise program. The above exercises are compiled best on expert opinion and current evidence. However this does not make this program right for everyone. Gravity Fitness LLC cannot be held, in any situation, responsible for any harm (physical or mental) caused by the use (or improper use) of the provided exercises.

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