Give it up, Turn it Loose

Original Article : Give it up, Turn it Loose
by : Myrtis Smith
From : fortypluschange.com

There is an idiom that warns us not to throw good money after bad.  It refers to the idea of futilely spending more money to fix a problem after you’ve already initially out so much money.  If you’ve ever watched a bad movie because you didn’t want to waste the cost of admission or bought a car that turned out to need more repairs than the car cost, you’ve been guilty of throwing good money after bad.

This concept doesn’t just apply to money; it also applies to time and energy.  Have you ever finished reading a bad book just because you had already invested so much time into it?  Have you ever finished a project that wasn’t quite what you expected, but you didn’t want to waste the money you had spent on supplies or the time you’ve already devoted?  There is a sense of obligation…you start it, you should finish it.  Don’t be wasteful. Read Full Article..

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