Green Juice Benefits And A Warning About Its Dangers

Original Article : Green Juice Benefits And A Warning About Its Dangers
by : Karen Salmansohn
From : notsalmon.com

NOTE: I’m a recovered stress eater and founder of the DO IT Program – a life-changing online course – with fascinating research on the root causes of over-eating – and willpower tools – which stick. I’m passionate about helping people END bad eating habits! With this in mind, here are some helpful tools.

Vegetables are good for you.  Eating lots of vegetables is thereby super good for you.  So what’s wrong with drinking lots of green juice – i.e., vegetable juice?

  • Your Juice Isn’t Really Green:  Sure, your juice looks green. But many green juices are actually chock-full of fruit juice – to make green juices more palatable. When you’re sipping down a big bottle, the sugar and carbohydrate content from all that concentrated fruit can really add up. While your body may appreciate all the vitamins, it’s important to keep in mind that too many extra carbs and too much of a deluge of sugar can wind up feeding your fat cells.

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