Healthy Diet – Healthy Mind and Body

Original Article : Healthy Diet – Healthy Mind and Body
by : michaeldydastevefillmore
From : michaeldydastevefillmore.com

The fight against ill-health and many diseases starts with eating a healthy diet. So many modern medical cures are really attempts to undo the damage caused by poor dietary choices.

Of course there are people who can’t eat healthy foods due to their circumstances, either environmental or financial. Too often though, lack of finance is given as an excuse for not eating healthy foods. Way too often the real culprits are:

  • Not taking the time to educate one’s self about real nutrient requirements.
  • Letting taste buds define food choices.
  • Taking the easy, convenient, processed option.

This is mainly because processed foods are readily accessible and just as prevalent, or more so, as healthy food choices. The trouble lies in trying to resist the ease and convenience that fast foods provide and this is the root cause of so many health problems.

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