Heart Healthy Steak Options!?!

Americans have always had a love affair with beef and a recent survey shows that whether celebrating a special occasion or enjoying an everyday meal, Americans love beef. Yet, people are often surprised to learn that lean beef can also be good for their heart. Research shows naturally nutrient-rich lean beef can be an important part of a heart-healthy diet.

– Surprise! A growing body of evidence shows that lean beef, trimmed of visible fat, can be a part of a balanced diet that does not increase heart disease risk factors.

– A nine-month clinical trial suggests lean red meat can be part of a cholesterol-lowering diet.

– A separate research study found that moderately overweight women, who exercised and consumed lean protein as part of a nutritionally balanced, reduced calorie diet, successfully lost weight, lowered bad cholesterol, maintained good cholesterol, and reduced body fat…Read Full Article..

Original Article: Heart Healthy Steak Options!?!
By: Duncan Isenhower
From: fitdel.com

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