Help for Heartburn

Original Article : Help for Heartburn
by : Toni
From : tonifairman.com

It’s rare that I get a new client asking for ways to improve on what they are already doing unless there is some sort of ‘pain’.  That pain could be an actual pain like joint issues or headaches but it’s usually related to digestion.

Our digestive tracts are working nonstop throughout the day and even while we sleep.  For that reason and because we are all pretty stressed, our society is plagued with gut health issues.  For some it’s stomach pain and nausea.  For others it’s constipation or diarrhea.  The list goes on.  Any of these can create fear compounding the problem.

My client, Jane, now 35 years old, came to me with severe heartburn.  It started when she was 26 years old and was affecting every aspect of her life.  She was unable to eat a healthy diet and her social activities were limited.  It was difficult for her to focus at work due to the constant pain in her chest. Read Full Article….

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