Here’s How To Make A Mental Race Plan

Our minds can be our biggest supporters yet also our harshest critics. In a race our minds often flip-flop back and forth between cheering us on and convincing us that we are not capable of what it is we set out to accomplish. It’s important to not only be physically prepared for a race but also mentally prepared by creating a mental race plan.

One of the ways I prepare my mind for a race is to write out how I think I’m going to feel each mile. Races where I plan on pushing my limits in either distance or pace are the most important ones for me to do this exercise beforehand.

For a marathon, I will detail out the miles or chunks of miles; for shorter races such as a 5K I will detail out each half mile. This mentally prepares me for any negative thoughts that may arise while I am in pain and gives me an action plan to combat those thoughts with positive ones.

When the going gets tough, my mind will recognize that the emotions and thoughts aren’t new but simply part of the racing experience. It helps me not question my abilities in these low moments and allows me to embrace the inevitable pain that comes and not run from it….Read Full Article…

Original Article: Here’s How To Make A Mental Race Plan
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