How Does Added Sugar Influence Allergies?

Original Article : How Does Added Sugar Influence Allergies?
by : Rebecca Llewellyn
From : sollus.ca

It’s not likely that you’ll hear about sugar as an allergen at your doctor’s office, nor be tested for it in an allergy test, yet it can certainly contribute to the severity – and even development – of your allergies. How does this happen? Read on to find out…

Too much sugar in your diet suppresses the immune system. This happens because sugar can interfere with the absorption of essential antioxidant vitamins and minerals which are required for proper immune function, thus, weakening the system.

Added Sugar & The Immune System

The discovery that sugar weakens the immune system was recognized when a prominent microbiologist, Dr. Linus Pauling, was researching if Vitamin C can strengthen the immune system. Pauling found that glucose – a molecule of sugar – and Vitamin C are very similar in molecular structure, which resulted in the immune system’s primary agents, the white blood cells, mistakenly taking up glucose when they actually were searching for Vitamin C to fight

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