How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle

There can be very few questions more important to answer then ‘how healthy is your lifestyle.’ Is your lifestyle making you ill? Is the way you live supporting your physical, mental, and emotional health, or are you hindering yourself?

Most of us have totally freedom to decide the type of lifestyle we have. Free to live life in the style we choose, eating what we want, doing what we want, and taking care of ourselves the way we want. Will our choices make us healthy or not?

It is surely one of the most important decisions we get to make in our lifetime. Many life-threatening diseases – including heart disease, emphysema, strokes, and certain forms of cancer are all linked to lifestyle factors. It is an undeniable fact that poor lifestyle habits play a big part in these illnesses occurring. By embracing a healthy lifestyle the risk of contracting these diseases can be greatly reduced…..Read Full Article…

Original Article : How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle
by : Larry Lewis
From : huffingtonpost.co.uk

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