How to Focus on Bodily Fitness During this Summer Season?

[dropcap]Whether[/dropcap] you are a housewife or an executive, you know how hard it is these days to extract time out of your busy schedule to take care of your fitness. Of course, you would not like to miss on your favorite movies on Netflix that you love to watch lying on your bed in a comfortable position so much, do you? Then there are the important tasks like meetings at office and catching up with the friends that you cannot afford to miss.  You start to think that improving upon your fitness levels is a task next to impossible given the misconception that you need to sweat a lot in a gym under the watchful eyes of a trainer.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] know that you must have thought about joining a gym at least a hundred times and cancelled joining at the last minute. In fact, there is no dearth of women like you who stand on a treadmill and then start running, dearly hoping that the timer soon reaches zero from 30 minutes. There are even some who get off the treadmill after a few minutes as they become bored but later feel guilty that they cut short their training session.

[dropcap]Just[/dropcap] forget all about your daily work and the workouts that you fear you would be required to do to achieve your fitness targets. All it takes to improve your fitness is a subtle shift of your mindset and a better utilization of your time in the gym. Believe me, the same fitness goals that looked like impossible earlier would now appear to be within your reach. In fact, you would be surprised with your own attitude as you start to like the exercises that you will be asked to do to achieve your dream figure. You are able to achieve your fitness goals quickly when you are motivated and do not miss out on your training sessions. This happens as you start to enjoy your workouts.

[dropcap]You[/dropcap] would be surprised to know that benefits of your workouts can be seen from intense exercises don e over a time of three minutes only? These three minutes of intense workouts, when done in conjunction with total workouts spanning 30 minutes show great results to make you happy and to keep you motivated all the time. This is a finding that has been published in popular fitness journal; called Plos One.

[dropcap]If[/dropcap] you have got only 10 minutes of spare time, there is no need to worry. Just make sure that you make best utilization of your time by hopping on to a treadmill, an elliptical, or a stationary bike. You can do wonders if you have just 5 minutes instead of 10. Just take off your shoes and quickly do the squats planks, and pushups to spend lots of calories. You can do lots of good to your body in a very short period of time and do not require spending lots of time to get back into shape. You can not only improve your figure but also your mindset for your own good by doing something good for your body in just a few minutes every day.

[dropcap]Make[/dropcap] it more enjoying at the gym for yourself by breaking the monotony of your routine every once in a while. Do not fall under the trap of thinking that you have not done justice until you have dutifully performed all the routine workouts. If you have started to feel bored, you can choose anything from cycling and free weights to inject some fun and excitement into your routine. Also, there is absolutely no need to remain stuck with the treadmill at the gym that you have been attending for the last 4-5 years. Go to other gyms in your area and talk to the members. If you find happy people satisfied with their workouts and trainers, the time may have come to switch to any other gym.

[dropcap]In[/dropcap] the end, accept the fact that you are after all only a human being and you cannot control every single variable to achieve perfect results. Is you cannot have perfect workout on a particular day, do not curse yourself and wait for the next day to try your best.


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