How to Get the Body you Want, and Keep it!

First off, let me begin by saying to you that without a doubt, you can have the exact body you want, bar nothing. Here’s how I know:

I was never a particularly heavy child, yet from the ripe age of 10, I can remember being body conscious. I was heavier than most of my friends and it gave me a real complex that my sister’s who were only 2 and 3 years older than me weighed substantially less than me. I wondered why my legs rubbed together so much that my inner thighs would get this terrible rash, and why I had this big sturdy belly while my sister’s looked like models.

My Ideal Body Drove Me

Long before I turned into a teen I began implementing crunches on a daily basis. At the time all I wanted was a flat tummy, so that I could look as pretty in a bikini as my sisters. But, alas all the crunches in the world couldn’t help my situation. Little did I know, I was missing the most important component.

So I went on to middle school and high school, longing for a body that seemed unrealistic. As is normal, my body fluctuated and some days were better than others. But it was like I could never achieve thatbreak through….Read Full Article…

Original Article : How to Get the Body you Want, and Keep it!
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