Insect Protein Powder: A Superior Source of Cheap Protein

Original Article : Insect Protein Powder: A Superior Source of Cheap Protein
by : anabolichealth
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With all the talk about sustainability and the rising cost of food, it isn’t surprising that there’s growing interest in using insects as a food source, even among the heath-and-fitness crowd. Yes, those who spend so much time and effort planning their meals, counting calories, and working out are now shifting to insect protein powder.

Those who haven’t yet tried insect protein might wonder whether it’s any good. To find out, it’s best to compare the emerging substitute with the current king of protein sources – whey isolates.

An ounce of whey isolate contains 24.7 grams protein. On the other hand, an ounce of crickets, mealworms, or beetles (typical sources of insect protein) provides anywhere between four to eight grams.

Those are actually good numbers. Why? It’s important to note that insect flour is less expensive than whey, especially in parts of the world where bugs are abundant yet milk production remains limited.

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