Keto Diet Macros – Best Ratio & Explanation

Counting calories is a common method people use to lose weight. Take in fewer calories than you burn and you’ll likely drop some pounds. The trouble with counting calories is that 200 calories of broccoli is not the same as a 200 calorie candy bar. And no amount of will power can overcome biological hardwiring, so calorie restriction is not a viable strategy longterm. There is a better way. If you pay attention to the type of calories you’re eating, you can feel satisfied, all while watching the fat melt away. You probably already know what macronutrients (macros) are, even if you never used the fancy name before. They are fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Macros are the molecules that the body uses to create energy. All food contains some or all of these three macros in varying amounts. You can see how many carbohydrates, protein and fat there are in your food by reading nutrition labels. If you’re eating out or the packaging isn’t available, you can use free apps such as myfitnesspal to find out the nutrition information.

Carbohydrates on the Keto Diet

Carbs contain four calories per gram and are the body’s quick energy source. They are necessary for brief, intense bursts of exercise, such as sprinting or lifting weights, because the energy is instantly accessible.

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