Living healthy: does that include dieting?

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight? But do you grow tired of all those ‘great’ shakes and pills that will magically make you slim? Or how about all those diet programs out there, all telling you they have the best way to help you lose weight? But do you also find it fascinating that somehow they come with a new book every year, supposedly making it even easier?

In our opinion most diets are designed to make you fail, that is why the big weight loss companies are still around and you have to keep going back ‘following a diet’ over and over again. Besides our negative view, there is more general research that concludes that dieting, in general, is wired to fail. Let us first make a little differentiation between some general types of weight loss programs.

Types of weight loss programs

Meal Replacement Programs
These are diets that are based on meal replacements which offer you certain pre-packaged meals or your regular meals are replaced by supplements, snacks, shakes or bars.

The total global retail sales in Meal Replacement Programs is expected to reach US$9 billion by 2020 from an estimated US$7 billion in 2015 (euromonitor). However, the sector is undergoing innovation as to stay competitive with popular diet plans such as the Dukan diet, south beach diet, and Atkins. There is a big shift towards more wholesome foods with less added sugars and they focus more on the benefit of regular exercise…Read Full Article…

Original Article : Living healthy: does that include dieting?
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