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I first wrote on Pinkbike about how to unlock tight hips a little over a year ago. Since then, the 15-minute hip opening routine I posted has been watched over 23k times, which shows how important an issue this is for you guys. In this article, I am going to run through the basics of hip mobility and recommend some additional/alternative poses for those of you who regularly practice the sequence and would like to fine-tune and personalize it.

What causes tight hips?

Your body is an efficiency machine. It adapts to what you do most often and, unfortunately, not to what you do that is best for your long-term physical health. What this means is that as you get older, you lose the ability to get into positions and perform movements that, over time, you have neglected.

Here are 5 ways this can affect your hips:

1. Chronic contraction. We sit for an average of 10 hours day—at work, on the bike, when we’re travelling, eating and relaxing in front of the TV. Sitting shortens the hip flexors, the muscles that connect the lower spine and pelvis to the tops of the thighs.
2. Limited range of motion. What you do most of the time—walking, running and riding your bike—requires very limited range of motion, especially at the hips.
3. Overuse. You repeat that limited range of motion, over and over.
4. Weak glutes. As the hip flexors tighten from contraction and overuse, the opposing muscles—the glutes—respond by relaxing and deactivating. This process, known as reciprocal inhibition, is designed to protect the hip flexors from tearing.

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Original Article : Loosen Up Tight Hips With 3 Types Of Poses – Monthly Yoga With Abi
By: Abi Carver
From: pinkbike.com

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