Love Handles Workout At Home: 30-minute Yoga Fusion (video)

Original Article : Love Handles Workout At Home: 30-minute Yoga Fusion (video)
by : Maria
From : fitnessreloaded.com

Welcome back to Yoga Fusion! Today we’re doing a love handles workout at home – we focus on our sidebodies; our side abs, our outer thighs.

We’re inundated with abs and glutes workouts but love handles? These are rarer. So let’s do some different moves while focusing on today’s intention “try something different!”

Love Handles Workout At Home: Try Something Different!

Here’s how we’re gonna be different in today’s session:

  • First, we’re targeting a body part while doing yoga, which is not that common.
  • Second, we’re specifically targeting love handles, not the usual abs and butt.
  • Third, we focus on being playful, checking in with our bodies, finding out what we like, what makes us feel good. This is an opportunity to explore, to get a bit out of our usual routine, to see things from a different angle.

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