Make Fewer Decisions, Get More Fit

With the fast-paced lifestyles we all lead, making as few decisions as possible will help set you up for better health. Making the right food choices or summoning up the willpower to hit the gym can be challenging at times. I will show you in this article how to be more compliant and successful with adhering to a set routine with a very small lifestyle shift.

We’ve all had those days when 4pm rolls around, you’re tired from work, and you feel like indulging in a late afternoon cake or piece of candy. In this small crisis, you convince yourself to skip the gym tonight, and promise yourself that you will go early the next day instead. The next day, you hit the snooze button and put the gym off till that evening. [Read Full Article].
Original Article: Make Fewer Decisions, Get More Fit
By: Adam McCubbin
From: breakingmuscle.com

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