Mind, Body & Music : The benefits of music for health and wellbeing

Humans have always had a special relationship with music. Almost every person consumes it one way or another, and it seems that we spend most of our time surrounded by music. It is so much ingrained in everyday life it is almost hard to imagine an activity that is not accompanied by it. Music is present while we shop, study, work, travel, socialize, relax or exercise.

Research tells us that people use music to manage their emotions, connect with others, create a certain image, and as a means of self-expression. Music is even sometimes used to manipulate moods and behaviour (e.g. shopping preferences). It can also have a profound influence on our emotional, cognitive and physical health.

But why is music so important to us, and do the the benefits of music extend beyond pure enjoyment? A recent theory suggests that music might have an important role in evolution of consciousness and culture.Leonid Perlovsky at Harvard University suggests that at some point in evolution proto-humans experienced a split in vocalizations, creating one type that was more semantic, and another that had a lot more emotional connections. The former evolved into language, while the latter evolved into music. Hence, music had a role in developing a more sophisticated emotionality and it represents a powerful communication system, possibly as important as language, during our evolution….Read Full Article…

Original Article: Mind, Body & Music : The benefits of music for health and wellbeing
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