Many of you will think that mobility and flexibility are the same thing. I know I did, before I became more educated and truly understood the difference between stretching and mobilizing, and how certain parts of the body are more suited to one or the other. We all know the benefits to being more flexible for preventing injury, improving performance and also in rehabilitation when there is a problem or pain, the first thing we do is often to release the tightness surrounding the joint. But this is our instincts trick us and where we a mistake by missing treating where the problem really lies. We are a complex system of systems stacked upon each other with each system relying on the other in order to produce great health. And in the musculo-skeletal system each joint in the body is bound by the joint above or below. (A great concept developed by Gray Cook and Mike Boyle you can read in the book “Movement”). What often happens is someone develops back pain and complains of how stiff their back is and seeks treatment for their back. They do not complain of having restricted hip flexibility or stiffness, for the hips are not in pain. But it is commonly the tight hips that are the cause of the back pain for when we move the hips need great movement in all directions, in order to prevent the back from flexing and extending. The lower back (lumbar spine) must remain stable, while the hips must be the exact opposite, flexible and mobile. But what is the difference between flexible and mobile? In this article I will explain exactly what the difference is and provide plenty of videos and links with more detail and information relating to each joint so you have the full list of what to do! Enjoy. Read More…..



By: Nick Jack
From: noregretspt.com

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