How much should you run? A beginner’s guide to appropriate mileage

Knowing exactly how much to run is something that all runners, beginners and veterans alike ponder. Depending on your past experiences, your present circumstances and your future goals, the amount of mileage one runs will vary substantially from one runner to another, and at different times of the year. Your mileage should also be flexible. Think if it as a target range rather than a concrete number.

Whether your goal is to increase your fitness, stay injury-free or train to complete a specific race distance, the amount you should run will vary. Knowing how much to run, how often, for how long, and how hard requires a mostly individual approach but here we share some insight to help you determine how much mileage is right for you.

25-50K over 3-4 days

For most people, running three or four days a week is the sweet spot that can provide all the health and fitness benefits one desires including increased cardiovascular fitness, weight loss and muscular strength. Running this much is also relatively low risk and allows a full rest day in between running days which reduces the risk of injury and is time that can be spent on other activities, hobbies and responsibilities….Read Full Article…

Original Article: How much should you run? A beginner’s guide to appropriate mileage
By: Dan Way
From: runningmagazine.ca

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