No, You Don’t Hate Running

Of all the training modalities that I coach, none is so universally despised by its non-practitioners as running. People go out of their way to describe their hatred of it, screwing up their noses and illustrating the displeasure it brings them with the same color and detail a connoisseur would use for a fine wine.

But like so many other areas of life, I’ve found that most people hate running because it’s so foreign to them. For an activity that is so undeniably human, our culture has done a remarkable job at segregating it from our normal lives. Kids are discouraged from running almost as soon as they learn to do so. After all, they might fall down or break some precious, inanimate object. Never mind that learning to fall without injury is a fundamental and useful human skill, and that none of the things that your kid will break when they bump into the coffee table matter at all, when compared with their health and physical development…Read Full Article…

Original Article : No, You Don’t Hate Running
by : Pete Hitzeman
From : Pete Hitzeman.com

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