Is Paleo ruining your CrossFit Performance

Since the birth of CrossFit there has been an almost mutually inclusive relationship with going Paleo. However, like its training and programming, CrossFit nutrition has evolved (for the better!).

No longer is the CrossFit manual the to go nutrition resource if you want to be competitive. If you want to be an athlete, you need to eat like an athlete. However, it’s still surprising how a number of recreational and even competitive CrossFitters are failing to apply basic principles of sports nutrition to harness performance where instead, are following the Paleo and Zone ‘one size fits all’ approach. Depriving themselves of food groups and ignoring the different carbohydrate needs of individuals.

OK so what’s the problem?

Firstly, let’s ignore the fact we don’t really know exactly what our Paleolithic ancestors ate anyway and that there’s evidence they ate grains too (Gowlett, 2003)…….

But as a starting point to building a diet, you can’t really fault the Paleo approach:

  • High in protein

  • Includes lots of veg

  • Reduces processed foods

  • Promotes fats as healthy

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Original Article : Is Paleo ruining your CrossFit Performance
By: Jack Braniff
From: boxnutrition.co.uk

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