Personal Training,TRX and the Secret to Six-Pack Abs

Original Article : Personal Training,TRX and the Secret to Six-Pack Abs
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As a personal trainer for over 15 years I would bet a dollar to your dime that you want six-pack abs but you hate the misery of endless crunches and sit-ups. Well that’s ok because crunches alone will not give you the results you want. Plus traditional sit-ups put unnecessary stress on you back. Carving out a set of spectacular abs requires intelligent training and a good clean diet. TRX exercises are perfect for 6-pack abs and your entire core development. TRX training is a unique way of performing bodyweight exercises. TRX simultaneously enhances strength, balance, flexibility and core stability by utilizing the affects of gravity and your own body weight as a resistance tool.

TRX has become a huge part of the fitness industry because anyone can do it from professional athletes to exercise newbies. It is simple and efficient. In TRX training your core muscles are always working to stabilize your body. So no matter what exercise you are doing your core will benefit. This helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and develop your core. TRX is also fabulous for stretching out the entire body. TRX core specific exercises are one of the best ways to tone abdominal muscles.

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