Pre-workout Supplements: A Survival Guide for Women.

Original Article : Pre-workout Supplements: A Survival Guide for Women.
by : babesontherun
From : babesontherun.com.au

With so many ‘weight loss’ pre-workout products on the market, it pays to do your research before you part with your hard earned cash. Over the next few weeks, I’ll look at the different types of supplements available to help you get an understanding of what you can use, what to look for and how to get the best results.

  • Should you use a pre-workout supplement?

I see a lot of people trying to use supplements to get results without addressing the basics.  The strategy of taking a pill without training or eating properly is about as effective as nailing jelly to a tree. Supplements are just that – supplementary. They aren’t responsible for getting results – you are.

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