Product Review: Gravity Fitness Mobility Products

Quick Overview:The Gravity Fitness Massage Ball Set and FREE exercise guide was developed by Physical Therapists with a passion for fitness! Use it to for injury prevention, training recovery, rehabilitation, and athletics. Experience for yourself the most effective and convenient way to improve your flexibility.

DEVELOPED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS – use the Gravity Fitness Foam Roller for muscle and tendon flexibility, spinal and peripheral joint mobility, training recovery, athletic conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention, yoga, and core strengthening.

Made of soft foam this lightweight and durable Balance Pad is ideal for professional or personal use. The Innovative non-slip textured surface for safety and effectiveness.  Experience the most comfortable and convenient way to improve your coordination, balance, and athletic performance. All of our products are premium quality design for any fitness and physical therapy use….Read full article….
Original article: Product Review: Gravity Fitness Mobility Products
By: Travis Jones
From: vitruvianmap.blogspot.com

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