What Really Happens When Women Lift heavy!

The Surprising Thing That Happens When Women Lift heavy!

Have you have committed to group training and followed workouts where you perform set after set with light weights? Are you dedicated to putting in the hard yards but frustrated with the lack of return you’re seeing? You haven’t ended up with curves, you’ve got no definition, no cuts, and no discernible fat loss to show for all the energy you’ve invested. And it’s so infuriating – because you’re investing time, money and effort but you’re just not seeing the changes you want.

There’s a myth perpetuated by the weight loss industry that lifting light weights for many repetitions prevents muscle bulk. And it’s true, to a point, sort of. Because you can lift light weights until the cows come home – you won’t bulk because you’re not improving your lean muscle mass – essentially, it’s just a trap.

When you start lifting heavy weights, you will lose fat and centimetres, improve your mood and energy levels, get better sleep quality, relieve stress, improve your self-esteem or create a sense of empowerment. I can categorically state that without using challenging, heavier weights, you will struggle to create improvements.

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Original Article : What Really Happens When Women Lift heavy!
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