These Serious Marathoners Lived 19 Years Longer Than Average

As a longtime marathoner, cardiologist, and cardiac rehab specialist, Ben Rosin, M.D., read the “too much exercise can kill you” papers very closely when they began appearing about five years ago. He prides himself on having an open and objective mind, and some of the papers presented interesting new information.

But Rosin was also struck by another set of data—this one from his own personal experience. He had a lot of old training partners in their 70s and 80s, and the majority of them seemed to be holding up well. At least that was his perception.

To see if he was right, Rosin, 76, decided to take the next step, and compile mortality data on his former training partners. The results of his me-and-my-friends research project were recently published in the journal The Physician and Sportsmedicine under the title “Is marathon running toxic: An observational study of cardiovascular disease prevalence and longevity in 54 male marathon runners.”

Result? Rosin discovered that his marathon friends were living, on average, 19 years longer than U.S. men who reached age 40 in 1975, about the same time that his friends hit 40….Read Full Article…

Original Article: These Serious Marathoners Lived 19 Years Longer Than Average
By: Amby Burfoot
From: runnersworld.com

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