Six Pack Abs – 10 Diet and Workout Tips

Original Article : Six Pack Abs – 10 Diet and Workout Tips
by : Dave
From : ezwellnessclub.com

OK, let’s face it, you can be perfectly healthy and feel terrific without six pack abs. But if you really, deep down inside, would LOVE to have six pack abs, here’s 10 great researched tips to help you get there.

But before we dive in, realize that six pack abs are more than just a vanity thing. Getting rid of love handles and muffin tops has definite health advantages, according to the American Heart Association, including reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So your dream of a six pack will not only make you look better on the outside, but can also increase your life span and reduce your risk of disease. So the effort itself is worth it.

So, here’s 10 killer 6 pack abs diet and exercise tips!

Tip 1: It’s going to be hard work. Anybody who tells you differently is selling something. When I raced in the Triathlon National Championships I had 10% body fat, and was as fit as I’ve ever been… and I didn’t have a six pack! I was lean, and fit, but I didn’t have a six pack because… Read Full Article…


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