So Your Yoga Practice Has Plateaued, Now What?

I often think of my yoga practice as being a lot like a relationship. There is that rush of falling in love, when all you want to do is get to another class, go deeper into the philosophy, and attempt a new pose. I can remember when I first started getting serious about yoga that I was taking hour-long classes every day of the week and sometimes even going to two classes in a day. It was passionate and intense.

Years later, my practice has evolved past those initial feelings of falling in love. Part of that evolution has definitely included plateaus, times when my practice started to feel stale or when I took more than a few days off. If your yoga practice has plateaued, read on for several ideas to bring back the magic.

1. Take a Break

In yoga classes, our teachers often remind us to listen to our bodies. If your practice has started to feel stale, maybe it’s because your body is trying to tell you something: that you need a break. Consider taking a few days off from the physical practice of yoga and allow your body to rest. This is a great time to explore the more mental and philosophical aspects of yoga, such as the yamas and niyamas. You might find that after a few days off of your mat, you are once again eager and excited to return.




Original Article : So Your Yoga Practice Has Plateaued, Now What?
By: Karen Costa
From: doyouyoga.com

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