Stop Crash Dieting and Counting Calories

In an age of instant gratification, it is very easy to want fast results even at the cost of our own health.
We have all done it, starved ourselves and attempted fad diets only to gain everything back and feel even worse than before starting such diets.

The reason is that when we do such crash diets we are starving our bodies of essential nutrients, minerals, and protein.  This causes havoc in our bodies and further depletes our health and vitality.

There are four simple things that you can start doing immediately, that do not cost anything, that implemented in your daily routine can have a big impact on your waist line and most importantly, in your overall health, over time.

1. Stop Starving Yourself

The first step is to stop starving yourself of nutrients, minerals, and healthy protein.

When you starve yourself, you put your body into starvation and your leptin levels decrease.  Why do your leptin levels matter?



Original Article : Stop Crash Dieting and Counting Calories
By: Sandra Varela
From: yourhealthyhustle.com

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