Chronic injuries like piriformis syndrome, achilles tendinitis, Knee pain & ITB friction syndromeplantar fasciitis, osteitis pubis and even back pain are all common running injuries that could easily be prevented. Having been a very keen distance runner for a long time I myself am very aware of all the injuries associated, and experienced first hand many of the most annoying and painful injuries in my time. For what seems like a fairly gentle sport, I have had more injuries from running than playing football. Having said that all the injuries I am referring to occurred before I discovered how to actually prevent them. All of my best times as a distance runner were not until I was 35 years of age, when I was finally running pain free and really taking my running to new levels. I am now 41 years of age and can still get out and hit a 20 minute 5km within a few weeks of training and always without pain! So what is the secret? Well it was not from running more, in fact my best times were when I was running less! The secret was using strength training & running technique. I found the perfect combination of strength training, stability training, postural retraining, movement skills and more efficient running technique that allowed me to reach my potential. If I had of known this many years earlier who knows what I would have been able to achieve. I have since used the same methods for assessing hundreds of runners and sporting athletes to overcome some of the most annoying and chronic injuries preventing them from enjoying their running or sport. In this article I am going to show you these secrets and also what I have found to be the common traits so you can prevent them from stopping you in your tracks.


Many runners fear that strength training will make them “big” by producing huge gains in muscle mass, creating a ‘dead weight’ to be lugged around during running. This is true if you do weight training like most people do in the gym. Which is based on body building. The body building technique will definitely make you stronger, and bigger, but it will not help you run faster, and it definitely will not prevent injury. If anything it will create injury! To get “big” you need to devote a huge commitment of time and energy – Read More……

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