Stretches To Relieve A Sore Back

Original Article : Stretches To Relieve A Sore Back
by : Laxi
From : isolatorfitness.com

Strong back muscles are necessary for general movement of your body, maintaining good posture and avoiding pain. In the process of keeping your back strong, working out can create sore back muscles that need tending to before you can get back to hitting those weights on a regular basis. Likewise, constant inactivity such as working from a desk or being put on medical bedrest can have a toll on your muscles as well, creating a sore back that can be difficult to soothe. Fortunately there are a few things that you can do to loosen the tension in your back and relieve some pain.

Piriformis Seated Stretch

If you work on your feet for most of the hours in the day then your sciatic nerve is at risk for being pinched causing serious pain in your back and down your leg. This stretch helps to lengthen your piriformis muscle, so that your sciatic nerve will be less likely to be pinched. To perform this stretch you should start in a seated position on the floor. Keep your back straight and pull your left foot back towards your buttocks keeping your left leg on the floor. Lift your right leg up and over your left leg and place your foot flat against the floor so that your right knee is up at your stomach. Place your left hand around your right knee and gently pull it towards you to deepen the stretch. Hold this pose for at least thirty seconds before switching sides…. Read Full Article….

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