A Strongman’s Guide to Shoulder Health

A lot of lifters resign themselves to achy shoulders without realizing there’s something they can do about it. Stop for a minute and fantasize about your shoulders moving freely through a full range of motion. Good fantasy, right? You can put some Marvin Gaye on and light some candles to that shit.

Fortunately, there are ways to make this a reality. Follow these five steps.

Step 1 – Fix Your Program

If you’re training like a dipshit you’re going to have problems. If you’re solely focused on pumping up your pecs and only work the muscles you can see in the mirror, it should come as no surprise that your shoulders constantly hurt.

Even if you’ve perfected the bicep curl and lat pulldown, you’re still probably not hitting the right pulling movements for optimal shoulder health. Don’t believe it? Try this.

Shoulder Mobility Test

While standing with a neutral spine, can you lift both arms so that your biceps are even with your ears?



Original Article : A Strongman’s Guide to Shoulder Health
By: Chad Coy
From: t-nation.com

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