Surprising Workout Tools Used by the World’s Top Trainers

Dumbbells and barbells will never go out of style, but some of the most effective workout tools aren’t found in the gym. “Unsuspecting everyday items can challenge your muscles in new ways, maximizing your strength and enhancing your performance,” says David Jack, creator of Men’s Health 60-Day Transformation and owner of Activ8 Lab in Phoenix, Arizona. “Fitness equipment is everywhere. You just need to know where to look.”

Keep reading for a list of trainer’s favorite objects that can moonlight as fitness equipment—and the best ways you can incorporate them into your own routine. 


This piece of equipment is a PVC pipe partly filled with water and capped on each end. It’s ungainly, but that’s the whole point.

“Since its contents are always sloshing around, your core muscles—and the many small stabilizing muscles throughout the rest of your body—have to constantly steady as it shifts,” says Jen Sinkler, a level 2 Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor, and creator of Lift Weights Faster. In fact, it’s so challenging that world-renowned strength coach Dan John referred to the slosh pipe as the “core workout from hell.”….Read Full Article…

Original Article : Surprising Workout Tools Used by the World’s Top Trainers
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