The 10 Most Amazing Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

Original Article : The 10 Most Amazing Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils
by : purifieradvisors
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If you had the choice to breathe purified or unpurified air, which one would you choose? Don’t overthink this now . . .

Using essential oil diffusers is proving to have amazing health benefits. Aromatherapy, inhaling the purified healing constituents of essential oils, is becoming a newly rediscovered frontier in medicine.

Pub Med lists some 300 articles on the medical benefits of essential oils. In fact, the number of published medical journal articles on the scientific wonders of EO vapors in 2016 alone is astounding.

In fact, a recent journal article titled “Essential Oils, A New Horizon in Combating Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance,” researchers Polly et. al. note that: “Combination therapy combining conventional antibiotics and essential oils is currently blooming and . . . this new generation of phytopharmaceuticals may shed light on the development of new pharmacological regimes in combating antibiotic resistance.

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