The 5 minute guide to perfect form

Original Article : The 5 minute guide to perfect form
by : ammoathletic
From : ammoathletic.com

Whatever the reason is, you’ve decided to get into the gym… but that’s only half the battle. Make sure your workout matches your goals and that you are knowledgeable about each and every exercise.

Without a basic understanding of how to properly train, you may end up creating more issues than the spare tire you want to get rid of. Read below to learn more about common form mistakes for basic movements, and how to correct them.

There are innumerable ways to train chest. The vast majority include variations in pushing activities. The bench press is a basic way of accomplishing this, and should provide the basis for all other chest exercises.

Bench presses seem easy enough, but it’s relatively easy to perform even the simplest movements incorrectly. The bad news is that deviations in proper technique can lead to nagging pain or debilitating injury.

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