The Best Strength Training Exercises For Runners

Original Article : The Best Strength Training Exercises For Runners
by : Competitor.com
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Want to become a stronger, faster, injury-proof runner? Add these four exercises to your training routine.

To become the best, most efficient runner you can be, just running isn’t going to be enough. Strength training is one of the single most important non-running aspects of trainingthat can help you become a better runner. Add these four running specific strength training exercises to your running routine and you’ll become a stronger, faster, more complete runner for it.

Bodyweight Squats: Stand with your feet hip distance apart with your toes facing forward. Sit back like you are sitting in a chair behind you without allowing your knees to drift beyond your toes. Sit back until you feel your glutes, quads and hamstrings engage (about a 90 degree angle in your knees) and come back up to standing. Complete eight to 12 repetitions, adding weight when this becomes easy.

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